The Seattle POlo & Equestrian club presents the

Intro to Polo Clinic


Weekend 1

Saturday, June 15th
Sunday, June 16th

Weekend 2

Saturday, June 22nd
Sunday, June 23rd


Polo Clinic

Seattle Polo is providing an introduction to Polo Program specially designed for adults looking to try a new sport. You'll learn the basics of polo and how riding for polo compares to other equestrian sports. For anyone wanting to learn polo and take lessons, the intro to polo clinic is strongly advised. The clinic is where you'll learn rules of the game and get the foundations a player needs to play in chukkers with other players. 

The clinic consists of a morning session with covering horsemanship and technique followed by lunch and an afternoon session with more instruction and a scrimmage. You'll be on a horse in the morning to learn how to hit a ball and in the afternoon for scirmmage. Professional polo players will guide your every move to help make your experience fun and educational.

This is a great way for you to experience polo in a safe and controlled atmosphere. Riding experience helps, but is not required to learn polo. You'll need your riding helmet, jeans, a comfortable shirt and riding boots with a heel. We'll provide mallets and the polo horses.

Clinic Schedule

  • Basic horse care & prep for polo

  • Basic swing with foot mallet practice

  • Horse tack and equipment for polo

  • Riding skills for polo

  • * Riding

  • Basic hitting Techniques on wooden horse

  • * Riding - stick and ball

  • Polo rules and strategy introduction

  • * Riding - Scrimmage

Polo School

Seattle Polo & Equestrian Club offers polo instruction throughout the summer. Player can take individual instruction, join a group lesson or compete in coaching league chukkers. There are a lot of options to select that best fit your schedule and enthusiasm. 

Polo School options

  • Polo Clinics

  • Individual lessons

  • Group lessons

  • Coaching league practice chukkers

  • Pro pool club chukkers

After the intro to polo clinic, students move into coaching league chukkers or private polo lessons. Coaching chukkers are done weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 6pm. Individual lessons are scheduled around practice, but mostly weekday afternoons between 1-5pm.

More info on the polo school


Facility location

The Seattle Polo & Equestrian Club is centrally located in the Seattle Tacoma area just outside Enucmclaw Washington. The facility is located less than an hour from downtown Seattle, 45 minutes from Bellevue and 30 minutes from Tacoma.

25901 SE 400th Street
Enumclaw Wa. 98022



Clinic runs 9am to 4pm and includes lunch.

Cost $300 per person. A $100 deposit is required to secure your spot. Space is limited to 8 players for each day.  

Deposit in advance required to Reserve your spot for the clinic.


Weekend 1



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