Sue Hubbell


With roots in the Midwest and the East Coast, Sue settled in the Pacific Northwest in 1991 and has been teaching and training for over 25 years. Sue is well known for her patience and consistency, bringing out the best in every horse and each rider she works with.

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Cornerstone Eventing


Patricia Cava is a preliminary level 3-day event rider as well as a HA pony clubber. She has produced many young event horses and focuses on creating a solid, confident base so that her young ones go on to have successful careers. Peaches has experience with OTTB's, warmbloods, ponies, etc. She is also a very well-educated instructor. Her wide range of skills as well as upbeat, supportive, nature, make her extremely accessible to clients with a wide range of skills and abilities, ranging from beginners on the lunge line to proficient riders competing at recognized 3-day events.