The Seattle Polo & Equestrian Club is home to the Pacific Northwest Governor's Cup. Teams from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia compete in the biggest tournament of the summer. The Governor's Cup is organized into different levels of play for everyone to be involved.

Spectators are welcome to watch from the viewing terrace or bring your car and tailgate. Admission is $5/person with kids 12 and under free. Food trucks are available for food.


6 Goal Teams


Seattle Polo & Equestrian Club (6)

Colby Smith (-1)
Cameron Smith (1)
Rob Payne (3)
Dan Juarez (3)

LaGrande Polo (6)

Jason Larvik (1)
Segundo Bengolea Lalor (2)
Lucas Reid (1.2)
Ryan Prather (1.5T)


3 Goal Teams


Spokane Polo (2)

Suzy Dix (0)
Catlin Dix (0.5)
Cody Harris (0)
Brandon Alcott (1.5)

Utah Polo (2.5)

Heidi Reid (0.5)
Tye Reid (0)
Logan Joseph (1)
Lindsay Joseph (1)


1 Goal Teams

Bend Polo (1)

Henri Dutoit (1)
Lee Robinson (-0.5)
Katey Kelly (0)
Sheryl Sick (0.5)

Kirkland Maserati (1)

Rebecca Foltz (-1)
Susan Stovall/Gratia Brown (0/-1)
Curtis Lindahl (1)
Juan Semper (1)

San Diego Polo (-0.5)

Ernie Darquea (1)
Misty Darquea/Filipe Alberdi (-1/0)
Nicole Deberg (-0.5)
Lamar Rutherford (-1)

Heron Hill Farm (-1)

Miranda Luna (0)
Mariah Mudgett (0)
Susan Adams (-1)
Nancy Alcott (0)
TJ Elordi (TBD split position) (0)


Saturday, July 21st

Main Field

10:00 am           6 GOAL              Seattle Polo vs LaGrande Polo

Umpires: Dana Fortugno + Curtis Lindahl
Ref: Susan Stovall & Gratia Brown

Timer/Score: Bob Grant
Flaggers: Cody Harris + Logan Joseph
Announcer: Susan Stovall


11:30 am         1 GOAL              Heron Hill Farm vs Bend Polo

Umpires: Dana Fortugno + Jason Larvik
Ref: Misti Darquea

Timer/Score: Bob Grant
Flaggers: Nicole Deberg + Colby Smith
Announcer: Susan Stovall


1:00 pm         3 GOAL              Spokane Polo vs Utah Polo

Umpires: Dana Fortugno + Dan Juarez
Ref: Susan Stoval
Timer/Score: Bob Grant + Jill Henn
Flaggers: Ryan Prather + Segundo Bengolea



2:30 pm           1 GOAL            San Diego Polo vs Kirkland Maserati

Umpires: Dana Fortugno + Lucas Reid
Ref: Susan Adams
/Score: Bob Grant
Flaggers: Maraih Mudgett + Lee Robinson

Announcer: Susan Stovall

Player tournament information including stabling and duties provided in the link below.


Contact Sheryl Sick for player and team questions 206-218-6690 or at

Contact Jan Juarez for stabling needs 760-289-8230

Contact Cameron Smith for facility needs 206-498-6862